You have worth and value

About six years ago my child's counselor told me, "Meg, you are precious." She didn't say it in a sweet endearing way but as a statement as a truth about me.  My immediate thought was, "How can she say that about me.  She doesn't know me that well."  What I didn't understand at that point was that worth and value are instilled in us at conception.  I was born with worth and value and with that came what you bestow on things that you value.  ie my expensive beautiful new sports car I will protect, keep clean and well maintained, I will look at it with great appreciation etc.  In that same way, a baby is to be cherished, protected, taken care of.  I thought I had to work at becoming valuable but It belonged to me all along.

A great analogy I heard once referred to the dollar bill.  The dollar is given its worth by its creator.  It doesn't do anything to earn its value.  If I tear it, step on it write all over it and it becomes unrecognizable, it is still worth 1 dollar.  In that same way, I can make choices that harm me, or others can harm me to where I feel less than, but nothing takes away the value, worth and preciousness that I was born with.